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Discovering of the Space, Time and Everything

All our jeeping expeditions include elements of off-road, exploratory activities & relaxations at the "Places of Energy" and are suitable for moderate fitness people. 

The choice of the route depends only on time that you have for the journey and how many places you would like to visit during your Adventure.

Mountain Fashion -
Blossoming Highlands by order 
Discovering of Altai Treasures and Culture - El - Oiyn Festival - Photo-tour - once in 2 years
Mountain Fashion - Gold of Autumn
by order
10 - 22 June
Birdwatching Discovery with Lena Shnider
Group closed
Middle May -
Blossoming Highlands of Altai
25 September - 10 October
Berkutchi - Golden Eagle Festival, Mongolia
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Mountain Zen

May - September

Private tours 6 - 14 days with exclusive routes and programs.

Family tours

June - September

We know that travel in Altai for foreigners especially with kids can be very complicated, so guiding is strictly recommended.  You can order all-include tour or ask for just guiding.

Team-building tours 

May - September

Do you need something special to increase the corporate spirit of your company? We can offer unforgettable team-building that will unite your team within adventure conditions of mountain journey.

GROUPS from 6 to 18 pax


Galina Romanova
Model @rogalia

Алтай- это одно из моих любимых мест. Место силы, спокойствия, тишины. Возвращаясь, этот город будет тебя удивлять все новыми видами, ведь он бесконечен.
@altaidiscoveryteam даёт прекрасный шанс прочувствовать эту атмосферу. Очень рада знакомству с этой замечательной командой профессионалов.

As a trip leader who had done few tours with you, I would like to say that it is a pleasure to work with professional as you, in ADTeam. Every trip is well design – from morning till evening, from food to safety, from personal care to group leading. You are well organized, and very responsive to all customer request. I travel with you already 4 times from Siberia to Mongolia and learn about the beauty of your homeland and people through your eyes. Thanks a lot for your leadership, and for making this dream true, year after year ! 

Galina Gorshenina


Бесконечно рада знакомству с altaidiscoveryteam и лично с Ксенией и Денисом Фроловыми! много раз была с ними в поездках и, надеюсь, ещё не раз побываю в будущем. Уверена, именно с такими людьми надо и можно открывать для себя красоты Алтая!