Blossoming Altaian Highlands

Trekkings, flowers, balance.

15 - 24 May


Journey to the mountains for the Inspiration and Beauty 

Altai is a unique mountain system that includes all natural and climatic zones - from the cozy landscapes of mixed forests and fertile valleys of the low Northern part, to the beyond beauty of the Highlands with a sharply continental climate and stunted plants adapted to a life on steppe permafrost.

We invite you to the unique journey with a professional team of guides to the one of the most stunning Spring landscapes of our Planet!

You will visit exclusive places where dirt roads lead, where are only Mountains, Space and Beauty.

Trekking will allow you to discover the real treasures of the Altai Mountains and your bodies.

Altai Discovery Team will make sure your trip is as comfortable as possible.

Present Yourself the Energy and Beauty in the Magic Nature of Altai!

Route Passport

Blossoming highlands is the time of tender primroses flowers, they are too small but so multitudinous that create bright carpets around.

1 day. Meeting at the airport of Gorno-Altaisk, transfer 350 km by Chuya Tract - one of 10the most beautiful roads of the World (National Geographic), to the Aktash village to stay there overnight.

On the way, you will see such sights of Chuya Tract  as two mountain passes - Seminskiy and Chike-Taman, , merge of Chuya and Katun rivers, Wight and Yaloman Booms, etc.

Day 2. Turn from Chuya Tract to the Chulyshman Valley sights. Famous Pazyryk mounds. Zig-zag of Katu-Yaryk pass – the entrance to the Land of the Wind.

Day 3.  Cross the Chulyshman river by boat and lite trekking to the one of the Earth’s wonders – huge Stone Mushrooms.

Day 4. Way back and moving deeper South to the Chuya Steppe. Turk cuisine in Tydtuyaryk yurts.

Day 5.  TREKKING to the Tydtuyaryk mount (h - 3000 m).

Dinner and ethno-music concert in Tydtuyaryk.

Day 6.  Transfer day Kosh-Agach - Karakol valley (250 km). Moving North to the Valley of the Mists - Geyser Lake and petroglyphs of the Kalbak-Tash along the road.

Day 7. TREKKING in taiga to the warm Lake under Uch-Enmek (3 Sacred Peaks) mount at Terekta Ridge.

Day 8. Transfer to Kamlak village. Souvenir markets.

Day 9. Transfer to the airport.

Group size - 8 pax


Katu-Yaryk Pass
Uc-Enmek IMG_1304
Uc-Enmek  IMG_1352
Гейзерное озеро
Слияние Чуи и Катуни
Чуйская Степь

Altai Discovery Team

will secure of your journey comfort: 


Off-road professional Mitsubishi Delicas for discoverers. Cars are equipped with walkie-talkie and GPS-navigation system, sockets 220 V.



Our slogan is “Good food – good mood!”. We always try to make your menu balanced and healthy.

At the active part -minimum canned products, vegetarian friendly 🙂



Motels, yurts.

Single or tween by order.



2-3-person tents, camp kitchen, an awning, chairs, rugs, the socket 220V, satellite phone.



Pleasures you will get from our trip:
  • See with your own eyes the most mysterious and magical mountainous country of Russia - Altai!

  • Energize with the mountains energy!

  • Feel your feet!

  • Increase the hormones of Happiness.

  • Bring new images for Instagram content to admire by your loved ones or by the whole World)

  • Get a new experience in comfortable traveling along the Highlands!

As far as our Creative Team should be fully holistic, there could be pleasant surprises for you!

Listen to the Universe!)