10 days, 3 trekkings, 3 photo locations, 4 heroines and 1 Altai!

10-20 September

2500 $

Journey to the mountains for the Inspiration and Beauty 

What could be more pleasant than the contemplation of the virgin Nature? 

That's right - the contemplation of photographs or films, where you are the main hero that decorates the stunning landscapes of our Planet!

Altai is a unique mountain system that includes all natural and climatic zones - from the cozy landscapes of mixed forests and fertile valleys of the low Northern part, to the beyond beauty of the Highlands with a sharply continental climate and stunted plants adapted to a life on steppe permafrost.

We invite you to the unique journey with a professional team of guides, photo-video operators, makeup artist and art director of Fashion projects!

Make Yourself a terrific gift - few mountain Fashion photo shoots in designer outfits!

You will visit exclusive places where dirt roads lead, where are only Mountains, Space and Beauty.

Trekking will allow you to discover the real treasures of the Altai Mountains.

Altai Discovery Team will make sure your trip is as comfortable as possible.

Present Yourself the Beauty in the Magic Nature of Altai!

Route Passport

It's time for the Autumn Gold!

1 day. Meeting at the airport of Gorno-Altaisk, transfer 450 km to Chuya Steppe. On the way, you will see almost all main sightseens of Chuya Tract such as two mountain passes, merge of Chuya and Katun rivers, Wight and Yaloman Booms, panoramas of Kuray Steppe etc.

Day 2. Trekking to m. Tydtuyaryk - view-point of Chuya Steppe.

Day 3.  Moon dreams photoset.

Day 4. Way back and moving deeper South to the Chuya Steppe. Tydtuyaryk yurts.

Day 5.  Phantasy photosets - Mars and Moon.

Fashion story above the Chuya Steppe at sunset.

Day 6.  Morning trekking in Tydtuyaryk gorge. After lunch - transfer Tydtuyaryk - Aktash, Geyser Lake along the road.

Day 7. Beauty session - mountain lake. Moving North to the Valley of the Mists.

Day 8. Trekking in taiga to the warm Lake. Tents camping at blossoming meadow for 2 nights.

Day 9. Body session - mountain lake and blossoming meadow.

Day 10. Transfer to Souzga village. Souvenir markets.

Day 11. Transfer to the airport.

Group size - 4 pax


Слияние Чуи и Катуни
Чуйская Степь
MountainFashion by AltaiDT
Гейзерное озеро

Let's Meet!

Creative Holistic Team:


Ksenia Svoboda

  • Серый Instagram Иконка

Project art-director, stylist, producer.

A high-level specialist who boasts twenty years of involvement in Fashion space. A long sparkling way from model, administrator of the Russkiy Blesk model agency, stylist of photos, creator of Style magazine covers, Rush Models scout, photographer, to the producer of such iconic projects as Grand Defile Siberian Fashion Week, and professional modeling contest " New Faces ", Novosibirsk Fashion Week, fashion project of young designers Fresh Flow and many other fashion events of the city. 
Professional beginning of photography since 2009 - model portfolio, landscapes, reportage and advertising, family and wedding photography.


Alex Spirit

  • Серый Instagram Иконка

Photographer, videographer, with a rich DJ past. 
In 2009 started as the photographer , confidently occupyed the empty niche of body photography. 
Feeling well the edge of aethetics, he was creating stunningly beautiful and frank photographs of the female body and, soon, became the first well known Body photographer in Novosibirsk. 
Then, over several years of work in Thailand, he mastered the features of event photography and shooting on Nature. Always travels and improves new skills.
Currently specializes in creating video portraits and promotional videos for Instagram content for bloggers and companies.


Viktoria Fenally

  • Серый Instagram Иконка

Founder of the beauty space FREE / da, a talented make-up artist, more than 5 years in this field. In the past - top make-up artist-stylist of the teams Natalya Shik and Alexandra Kiriyenko.

She worked in leading stylists team, photographers, stars such as Victoria Daineko, Katarina Kochik, Katya Klimova, Arseniy Dzhabiev, Alexey Kalabin, Alena Chendler. She is the author of make-up looks for magazine covers, The Juice and publications in Lukse magazine, Fashion collection, Magazine Novosibirsk, Style, The Juice. Work with projects LUKSE, Marmalato, Max Mara.


Martianovs sisters  Atelier

  • Серый Instagram Иконка

Siberian designers, sisters Martyanovs, have been creating beautiful evening and wedding dresses for 10 years. Permanent members of the jury of design competitions, members of the certification committee of the Novosibirsk Institute of Design and Technology. Specialists in women's corset, they know a lot about the ideal figure. Four of their collections were presented at Siberian Fashion Week. Martyanov dresses are chosen by participants and winners of international and world beauty contests, girls in sisters dresses have twice won the nomination "for the best evening dress".
The main idea of ​​the outfits created by the sisters is in the uniqueness and status of products combining painstaking manual work and magical, fabulous ideas. These are art objects that give a woman  pleasure from her own beauty.

Altai Discovery Team

will secure of your journey comfort: 


Off-road professional Mitsubishi Delicas for discoverers. Cars are equipped with walkie-talkie and GPS-navigation system, sockets 220 V.



Our slogan is “Good food – good mood!”. We always try to make your menu balanced and healthy.

At the active part -minimum canned products, vegetarian friendly 🙂



Single room in Motels,

3 pax yurt,

2 pax in tents.



2-3-person tents, camp kitchen, an awning, chairs, rugs, the socket 220V, satellite phone.



Pleasures you will get from our trip:
  • See with your own eyes the most mysterious and magical mountainous country of Russia - Altai!

  • Energize with the mountains energy!

  • Feel your foots!

  • Increase the hormones of Happiness!

  • Feel like a real photo model!

  • Bring new images for Instagram content to admire by your loved ones or by the whole World)

  • Get a new experience in comfortable traveling along the Highlands!

As far as our Creative Team should be fully holistic, there will be a great surprise for you!

Listen to the Universe!)